My area of expertise is HTML5, CSS3, Javascript / jQuery, Magento 2 Front End, Web Design (Responsive) and Photoshop. I work as a Magento 2 Front End Developer at Optaros, in Bucharest, Romania.

I am fascinated about design and my desire is to create an amazing visual experience for the user.


The scope of this project is not very clear :) However, I was responsible for developing the demo functionality. Feel free to check out the link bellow and click the "View Demo" button to see it. It's responsive, check it on tablet and mobile as well!

Login / Sign Up Form

In my free time I try to play a little.

Check this cool Login / Signup Form!

Smashing Places

Again, I am not sure what's the scope of this project but the client let me play with his wordpress site to make it a little sexier. Play with it for a little, you will not understand the logic, but at least, it looks good :)

Gameloft Interview

This is an example of a login / signup page made when I was attempting to be hired at Gameloft. It seems that it worked out well since I been part of Gameloft for over 2 years. Feel free to play with the login and the signup form, the minion will tell you if something is wrong :)

Do not judge to much, this was made in under 20 hours.


I made this HTML / CSS / jQuery template for a client of a client of a client :) You know how it is ...


A few years back, I helped a friend with adding some tweaks to her website. This is the result! Simple yet ... animated!

Responsive Calif Slider Commercial

Again, I made this for a client of a client (hooray for outsourcing!). The challenge ? A PNG / JPG design file of a slider of images that needed to be responsive. Having a tight deadline, the slider is all images, moved along depending on screen resolution.